Mexicans Reject the Genocide Perpetrated by Israel in Gaza Telesur English. Thousands of Mexicans marched through the streets of Mexico City demanding the Mexican government cut off diplomatic relations with Israel.

María Alejandra Trujillo, Claudia Sheinbaum Criticizes Former Presidents, Advocates for Change BNN. Sheinbaum pledged to prioritize wage hikes for the working class if victorious in the 2024 elections, stressing that all Mexicans deserve equal rights and access to education.

President López Obrador hails the return of the ‘super peso’ Mexico News Daily. The Mexican peso extended its winning streak to seven days.

President López Obrador outlines reconstruction plan for Acapulco Mexico News Daily. Direct monetary support and large public works plans are part of the plan to recover from the category 5 Hurricane Otis, which may rank among the strongest hurricanes ever recorded.

Bill Fletcher, Jr., In Defense of AMLO – Understanding Morena’s Project The Real News Network. An interview with MSP member, journalist and political analyst José Luis Granados Ceja during his East Coast tour of the United States.

Antonio De Loera-Brust, America Shouldn’t Invade MexicoForeign Policy. As a former special assistant to the US Secretary of State writes in US imperialism’s foremost foreign affairs journal, not all the gringos are wild about invading Mexico. Yet.