A weekly selection of stories in the English language press on Mexico and Mexican politics.

Mexico throws troops, aid into Acapulco as hurricane death toll rises CNBC. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said most of his cabinet was already in or headed for Acapulco, and that he would return there later to lead recovery efforts as thousands of soldiers and police descended on the city.

Journalist José Luis Granados Ceja Highlights Mexico Solidarity Project University of Maryland School of Public Policy. A central theme of Granados Ceja’s talk was the defense of national sovereignty – a concept, he says, that has fallen out of fashion in an era of globalization and decreased borders but remains a critical issue for Mexico’s political project.

Lauren Sforza, Mexican president slams critics in wake of deadly hurricane The Hill. “They circle like vultures. They don’t care about people’s pain.”

Statement by Mexico in the United Nations Security Council on la situación in Palestine Regeneración. “No occupation is lawful and is always the result of the breakdown of the international order in contravention of the UN Charter.”Mexico receives 2.8 million doses of Cuban anticovid vaccines Prensa Latina. The vaccines delivery is yet another example of deepening ties between the two countries.