A weekly selection of stories in the English language press on Mexico and Mexican politics.

Timothy A. Wise, Mexico’s Corn Defenders Honored with Environmental Prize foodtank. Whatever the courts decide and no matter how a trade tribunal rules, Mexicans will keep resisting the imposition of GM corn.

Jazmine Ulloa, For Republicans, All Roads Lead to the US-Mexico Border New York Times. Not long after Hamas’ operation against Israel this month, a wave of Republicans reached for a familiar playbook: tying the issue to the nation’s southern border.

Carin Zissis, Approval Tracker: Mexico’s President AMLO AS/COA. President AMLO has commanded approval levels north of 60 percent. And that’s where it remains as he enters into the final year in office.

LATAM Countries Hold Migration Summit in Chiapas, Mexico Telesur English. Mexican President Andres Manuel Obrador convened today’s summit with a promise to bring a common regional position to a meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden scheduled for next month.

Christine Murray, Female-led presidential race cements decades of action Financial Times. Support for gender parity among politicians became a consensus thanks to dedicated activism and robust implementation.