A weekly selection of stories in the English and Spanish language press on Mexico and Mexican politics.

Kurt Hackbarth, Republican Talk About Invading Mexico Is Dangerous and Unhinged Jacobin. “Invading Mexico” has become the latest part of the GOP psychosis – and absent any pushback from Democrats, the idea has only gained traction. But what could happen if it were actually carried out? Jacobin writer and México Solidarity Project member Kurt Hackbarth’s latest.

David Raby, AMLO’s term ends – progress continues Morning Star. David Raby, of Mexico Solidarity Forum, surveys the record and future path of the political project initiated by President AMLO.

Legislators cancel 13 trusts to Mexico’s Judicial Power Prensa Latina English. The judges have long been in violation of a 2018 Mexican Congress ruling which states no public employee should earn more than the President. While the average salary in Mexico is 16,000 pesos per month (about 900 USD), theirs is 700,000 pesos.

The 21 main points of the Mining Law reform Opportimes. The Mexican government says the new law contributes to the equitable distribution of public wealth, guarantees environmental protection, balanced and sustainable development, and improves people’s living conditions.

Cuban president thanks his Mexican counterpart for his support against U.S. blockade Cuba Si. President AMLO says the blockade has been promoted by those who have received many economic and political benefits from it for 60 years, such as legislators who promote it to maintain their positions and be re-elected.